Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shore Birds

"Shore Birds" by Sue Johnston

This painting, 'Shore Birds' (so named by fellow Thurzdy Painter, Maggee Metcalf) is one of those magical moments in watercolor when everything comes together in the snap of the brush. I took the subject from a photo I took of my grandson Finn, (left) on his 5th birthday, at Santa Cruz. There were a number of challenges in this painting. The water, the reflections, the skin tones on young boys. When I began painting it was as though my brush knew the way and before very much time had passed I was finished. It was showing in Gallery Concord, and recently sold to a man who purchased it as a surprise for his wife. He said the boys reminded them so much of their two sons as they grew up in Southern California. It brought back so many happy memories they just had to have it. It makes me happy to know they are enjoying it in their home.

Friday, February 13, 2009


"Pilar" by Maggie Metcalf

I don't have a dog and consider myself more of a cat person. My dear friend Leslie Graham. is a guide dog raiser and a renaissance sort of person in that she can do a lot of things well. Photography is one of those talents. I admired this photo of hers on which the painting is based. It was also featured in a calendar. She graciously gave me permission to use it. She is also the source of a number of guide dog paintings I have done. The volunteers raise puppies who ultimately graduate and are matched to a visually impaired person. Pilar was in training, hence the green vest. She seems to be in an odd position but these animals are trained to be in specific positions and locations. It was really quite fun to paint her golden fur in the bright sun, the shadows and her expressive eyes.

July Fourth

"July Fourth" by Marylin Miller

This painting won 3rd place in California Watercolor Association's Gallery Concord show! Congratulations Marylin!