Sunday, December 7, 2008

Inspiration Point

14" x 20" by Leslie Wilson

This painting, “Inspiration Point”, portrays my continuous goal of painting watercolors spontaneously, preserving vibrant color and light. I’m inspired by the simplicity and beauty of nature, sometimes emphasizing the starkness of color and light, and other times realizing the sensitivity of subtle changes in landscape. I am constantly searching for elements in landscapes, figures and other subjects which inspire creative energy; not to reproduce the subject, but rather discover those selective elements which evoke a specific story or emotion within the mind of the viewer.
Leslie Wilson


Chris Beck said...

Gorgeous washes, Leslie! Your work is so open and has such a spontaneous quality!

Leslie Wilson said...

Thank you, Chris, for commenting on our blog! I went to yours and your printings are great, especially the cactus paintings - wonderful. That's not an easy subject. I also liked the little ducks, etc.

robin.purcell said...

leslie, I want this for the East Bay Artists blog when you get a chance!!!!