Tuesday, December 16, 2008

4 Fishin' Fool

"4 Fishin' Fool" 15" x 22" by Maggie Metcalf

This painting, "4 Fishin' Fool" is a surprise Christmas gift for my husband who loves salt water fishing. One day, the afternoon sun was streaming into the room where they were casually placed on the floor, having received the routine maintenance that preserves their function and beauty. The shadows and light were perfect so I shot the photo. As I drew the images, I realized just how complex these reels are. I originally thought it was 3 reels and as I drew, realized it was 5!

I really like the golden gleam of the metal contrasting with the blue shades of the storage bags. This, to me, is the last leg of a fishing trip. Everything is cleaned up and ready to be stored until the next fishing trip. On that day, though, it was a still life asking to be captured. And yes, it is a surprise, so don't tell.

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Myrna said...

Maggie, well done!! It shows the beauty of everyday objects and light. Your husband will be thrilled.